Super Puck Jam Now Available for iOS! Huge Update For Android!


Super Puck Jam v1.21 is now available for iOS!

Also, a huge update for Android users, v1.24 is now available in the Google Play and Amazon App stores!

The latest version will be coming to iOS very soon. We will keep you posted!

Store Links:

Here is what is new in 1.24:

  • Tons of new equipment with new effects and in game visuals, new upgrades, and improved upgrades.
  • Prices in the shop are lower and you get more gold during the game!
  • Shoot lights down from the ceiling and attack with new charge shot and stick abilities!
  • Effects have been overhauled and there are tons of new graphics and sounds all over the place!
  • New goals and many more statistics.
  • Improvements to boss battles!
  • New tutorial, new app icon, and improved help!
  • Better iPad support and improved performance overall!
  • Last but not least all known bugs are gone!

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