Super Puck Jam 1.25 Now Available on iOS!

iTunesArtwork@2xIf you haven’t played Super Puck Jam yet or haven’t played in a while now is the time! Update 1.25 with all of the features that are available on Android is now out for iOS!

Download now on iTunes!

Here is only a small list of the new features in 1.25:

  • Tons of new equipment with new effects and in game visuals, new upgrades, and improved upgrades.
  • Prices in the shop are lower and you get more gold during the game!
  • Shoot lights down from the ceiling and attack with new charge shot and stick abilities!
  • Effects have been overhauled and there are tons of new graphics and sounds all over the place!
  • New goals and many more statistics.
  • Improvements to boss battles!
  • New tutorial, new app icon, and improved help!
  • Better iPad support and improved performance overall!
  • Last but not least all known bugs are gone!

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