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Super Puck Jam 2.2.5 now available!


Download for FREE now on:192

Awesome Update!

  • Stick Attack can now be charged! Improves damage and range and can cause bonus effects!
  • Level 10 now allows stick / puck to be double charged!
  • Charging is faster!
  • Added 2 new player levels!
  • Super improved effects all over!!
  • Howitzer can now shoot more pucks more often (with upgrades)!
  • Hatchet and Rainbow puck effects cooler!
  • All special puck special chances improved!
  • Stick attack is bigger and faster!
  • Can no longer accidentally use Enforcer mode twice
  • Ads happen less frequently

Super Puck Jam 2.2 now available!


Download for FREE now on:192

Big Update!

  • Weekly gold multiplier! Each week you keep your daily gold the more the multiplier!
  • Jet blimps and lightning lights!
  • New upgrade to use saved items automatically if they would save you from death!
  • Lower prices for many upgrades!
  • Greatly improved effects, including many blood effect improvements!
  • Enforcer stance now also increases stick and puck charge rates!
  • Find better items in cases faster than before!
  • Some upgrades improved, including heavy stick and many special attack upgrades!
  • Coin shop gives more gold!
  • Level 26 added!
  • Bug and performance fixes

Super Puck Jam 1.70 Available Now!


Download for FREE now on:192

More Features and Bug Fixes!

Mega Update!

  • Save an item for use later! Item space allows for saving items that aren’t immediately needed for use later!
  • More cases! More gold! More crates! More blimps!
  • New Kegnade item!
  • Better ring/pet drops!
  • Improved stick swing effectiveness!
  • Improved effects!
  • Made Jamboni less brutal
  • Less bum rushes
  • Quick Twitch upgrade improved
  • Poison immunity pet profession now 70%! (100% with full Pet Whisperer)
  • Better error handling and profile resiliency
  • Tons of other bug fixes and improvements

Coming Soon: Leveling and Experience!

Super Puck Jam on TV and at the PTW Kickoff tomorrow!

Super Puck Jam will be on the CW Philly live tomorrow!

The PTW event was postponed until tomorrow (April 30) due to weather!

And visit us at Philly Tech Week Kickoff – Arcade at Dilworth Park in Philadelphia tomorrow (April 30th) from 5pm to 10pm!

Also look out for a big update in celebration of these events!

Philly Tech Week 2016

Download Super Puck Jam now on:192

Super Puck Jam 1.64 Available for All Platforms!


Download now on:192

More Features and Bug Fixes!

Some really good stuff in this update!

  • Molotov cocktails! Every bottle now has a chance to be on fire!
  • Improved hit, stick charge, item, & puck charge effects!
  • More death sound variety! Harder hits = more pain!
  • Charge shot hits through helmets!
  • Magic Stick also charges stick faster!
  • Better swipe arrow effects
  • Stick charge indicator on player
  • Game network authentication no longer bothers player more than once
  • Less annoying ads
  • Tutorial allows other special attacks
  • Other minor improvements

Super Puck Jam 1.61 Available for All Platforms!

Download now on:192

Feature and Bug Fix Update

All the awesome stuff from our last huge update plus:

  • Huge bug fixes and stability improvements! (especially while playing offline)
  • Swipe events much better!
  • Faster puck charging!
  • Improved progression! (especially for Casual)
  • Bosses come faster!
  • Stick swing improved!
  • More blimps!
  • Howitzer and Check Yo’ Self max upgrades better!
  • Lots of other small improvements

Super Puck Jam 1.60 Available For All Platforms!


Download now on:

Biggest Update Ever!

  • New blimp boss and new goalie bosses!
  • New casual game mode!
  • New events! First event starting this weekend!
  • Free pet for upgrading (limited time)!
  • New Magic Stick and Sucka Shield items!
  • New boss and late level effects!
  • Swiping to avoid obstacles can now be specific!
  • New glass pane obstacle!
  • New enemy types!
  • Improved particle and UI effects!
  • Now leave feedback in the Help & Info section!
  • Adjusted game difficulty! 100% less frustrating!
  • New pet effects!
  • New leaderboards, stats, and achievements!
  • Some upgrades now cheaper!
  • Additional sound variation.
  • Improved stability and error logging.
  • Lots of other bug fixes and improvements!

Also keep an eye out for another update coming soon!