Super Puck Jam 1.30 Now Available on iOS and Android!

iTunesArtwork@2xWe took our users feedback and created a huge update to Super Puck Jam and it’s now available on all platforms! See below for the new features of 1.30!

Download on:

New Features of 1.30:

  • Leaderboards and Achievements for iOS GameCenter and Google Play Games are in!
  • UI has been improved throughout, buttons and text are larger, and ads less intrusive!
  • Better controls and improved responsiveness.
  • Improved tutorial and vastly expanded help!
  • Greatly improved stick attack with new animation and the ability to double attack by spending rage.
  • New special attack upgrades!
  • New clock item slows down the ever increasing speed.
  • Combos now give ever increasing gold bonuses and defeating bosses increases multiplier!
  • New goals and statistics, and additional boss battles with new effects and mechanics!
  • More challenging goalie battles.
  • Tweaked difficulty and variety of game play.
  • Bottles and slasher enemies are now easier to spot.
  • And much more!

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